Health professionals, as the general population, are being bombarded by large amounts of information in occasions with discouraging contents or contradictory to previous indications. 

To strengthen the morale at the workplace awareness of the achievements and capacities of the health system and of healthcare professionals is key as it will help face the adversities of this pandemic. Realistic positive short quotes can help boost the morale at work and is an effective way to reinforce their professional capacity during these hard times. The data can be accompanied by simple charts to help understand the message and achieve a greater impact. 

Positive messages in this direction are increasing in social networks. For example: 

Some hospitals, usually larger ones in the capitals of provinces, have a communication office. In such cases, they will be in charge of providing organized information through stable internal communication channels. The support staff for healthcare employees should not be forgotten. 

In other hospitals and primary care centres in which the above-mentioned resources are limited or inexistent, the institution must identify the person(s) who could do this task. We provide a template for these cases.

The following information could be included: 
  • A positive data from the centre
  • A good scientific news