It is the time of professionals. Along with the patients, they are the heroes of this dramatic moment. 

The messages with the greatest impact are informative videos made by the professionals. The process of preparing the video releases tension and reinforces the capacity of teamwork.

There is no need of high professional quality videos but to provide support to the initiative to increase the standard and this way achieve better dissemination of the information in the network.

The YouTube platform has made large investments to fight against fake news. Other platforms, such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook or Instagram, have not taken this step yet.

When creating a video message, proper lighting in the room were the filming is going to be carried out is essential. If using a mobile phone for the filming, hold the device vertically, as it will adapt better to the user´s interphase (except for YouTube, in which case it is better to place the phone horizontally).

It is better to avoid voice messages, as they are often categorized as fake news.

Some demo videos (Spanish version):

Some recommendations to help protect your family: