Transparency on the situation strengthens the morale at the workplace.
The feeling of progress regarding the current situation should be clear and permanent.
The health centre could issue a daily statement with positive and realistic information, along with additional details on the situation of the centre. Other communication channels, besides the centre´s website, should also be considered (information brochure and intranet), as for example:
  • Fifteen new beds have been made available in the ninth floor, right wing, which increases our hospital capacity in 32 beds.
  • Three of our health professionals have returned to work in their units after having completed their home isolation period.
  • A COVID-19 patient has been moved out from the ICU.

Middle managers must also communicate this information during their regular meetings with their teams.
As in the previous case, institutions with no communication office can create simple quotes to make the information available, for example through a spontaneously created WhatsApp group.