The escalation of protocol updates and the disparity of instructions regarding protection measures, combined with the shortage of material, causes distrust and undermines workplace morale. In certain cases, pregnancy or chronic conditions, professionals need specific verified instructions.

To prevent the occurrence of natural uncoordination of crisis situations it is essential to standardize (homogenize) the structure of the messages to be sent through the different channels. This way we avoid duplicity, disconnected information, and misunderstandings. Messages must be clear with concise non-redundant ideas. At the present time, More is Less.

An example of this would be a triage, an exceptional process for extreme situations. It requires a decision-making protocol so that all the weight does not fall exclusively onto the shoulders of the professionals. This protocol should involve the bioethics committee and done under the following ethical premises: exceptionality, responsibility, transparency, inclusiveness, sensitivity, trust, equity and greater benefit for the highest number of people.