According to the literature, certain interventions have worked in China for this pandemic. These interventions could be now considered, particularly with the offer made by some hotel chains and hotel owners. The idea would be to provide places to rest in which the staff can temporarily isolate without the risk of infecting their families. Alleviate this tension decreases their emotional load. 

Also, supply food and beverages given by the centre or collaborating companies; offer resting areas from where they can keep in contact with their families during the workday, easing the concerns of their loved one as well as their own.

Below you will find a guideline that can be useful for professionals in the frontline taking care of COVID-19 patients who have decided to stay in a hotel for fear of the impact their job may have on their children. These professionals prefer the option of staying in a hotel instead of going back home every day risking to infect a family member, or need to remain isolated because they have been in direct contact with COVID-19 infected patients or because of the hard schedules associated with their current responsibilities, all of which keeps the far from their families. It is called the “STABILITY GUIDELINE”.